Brukseilas is a lifestyle design brand inspired by Brussels. Our objects serve as an expression for joyful living.

Designed in Brussels and 100% made in Belgium, our objects invite you to take a piece of Brussels home with you.

Whether you are a local, traveler or expat, there is something in Brukseilas for everyone. As we do in Brussels.

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Penta n°01 - Rouge Belge

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Penta Series

Did you know that the historical centre of Brussels is shaped as a pentagon?

Teeming with charming buildings, vibrant bars and plenty of tourists, expats and locals going about their everyday, it’s the inspiration of our first collection.

100% Belgian marble or Surplus Marble.
Made with love in Belgium.
Multifunctional, durable and timeless.

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Penta n°01 - Surplus Marble Green

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Canal Series

The Canal Series is based on the fixtures of the Canal between Vlaamse Poort and Wayez Anderlecht.

The Series is designed by Brukseilas in cooperation with Atelier La Gadoue. We both share a passion for Brussels and the Canal.

The vases are made in small quantity, only 60 pieces are available.

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Canal n°02
O U T . O F . O F F I C E ⛱
A few months ago, BUDDY BUDDY started searching for a food stylist to put their products in the spotlights in a creative way. 
My style really appealed to them and that's how I ended up doing the styling and photography for @buddybuddy . And I'm very pleased with the result!
Are you looking for a food stylist? Or do you know someone who is looking for a food stylist to creatively put a food brand in the spotlights? Then feel free to send me a private message.
From July 15 on the @brukseilas webshop will be closed for two weeks. I'll be back august 2nd!
Congratulations with your brand new webshop! 🎉
I am incredibly proud that the collection of @brukseilas can be part of this fantastic brand and beautiful webshop.
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From July 15th to July 30th, I will be taking a break for a well-deserved holiday. 💆♀️
The @brukseilas webshop will be closed during this period.
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Do you already know why Felix is so excited?!
That's because... there's a new little ‘ketje’ on the way! 👶
And as you can see, Felix (and Joris and I as well of course!) can hardly wait to welcome his little brother mid-September!