Exhibition BRUKSEILAS x Brussels Design September

Visit my exhibition with my objects on the parcours of Brussels Design September @Quai de l'industrie 63 - 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Come and discover my objects and their background story.

Most welcome!

THURSDAY 28/0912h-17h
FRIDAY 29/0914h-18h
SATURDAY 30/0914h-18h
Brussels Design September


With her label Brukseilas, Lies Van Ginderachter wants to polish the image about her city and share her proud love for Brussels. For her, Brussels is first and foremost a dynamic, colorful city that offers her and other Brussels residents a lot of opportunities.

From Bruocsella - a settlement in a swamp created by the course of the Senne - Brussels grew into the beating heart of Belgium and Europe.

One thing is certain: Brussels leaves no-one cold, and remains food for endless conversation. Lies Van Ginderachter wants to stir up these conversations with her designs.

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Penta n°01 - Rouge Belge

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Penta Series

Did you know that the historical centre of Brussels is shaped as a pentagon?

Teeming with charming buildings, vibrant bars and plenty of tourists, expats and locals going about their everyday, it’s the inspiration of our first collection.

100% Belgian marble, Surplus marble or Sonian wood.
Made with love in Belgium.
Multifunctional, durable and timeless.

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Penta n°01 - Surplus Marble Green

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Canal Series

The Canal Series is based on the fixtures of the Canal between Vlaamse Poort and Wayez Anderlecht.

The Series is designed by Brukseilas in cooperation with Atelier La Gadoue. We both share a passion for Brussels and the Canal.

The vases are made in small quantity, only 60 pieces are available.

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Canal n°02